LIFE IN THE FAST LANE! What Happens When Cars Crash!


LIFE IN THE FAST LANE! What Happens When Cars Crash!

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  • What is Traffic Accident Reconstruction?

  • Who checks the work done by the Police for accuracy?

  • Training and Documentation

  •  The Crash Data Recorder (CDR) “Black Box”

  • Closing 


    Donald L. Mong is a highly experienced Traffic Accident Reconstructionist & Private Investigator. He is a 22 year Veteran Police Officer with 15 years of experience as a Traffic Officer. He has investigated over 2,000 traffic accidents, including many fatalities and serious injuries involving automobiles, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. He has a degree in Administration of Justice from Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island and teaches courses in Motorcycle, Pedestrian and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction at the University of Rhode Island. He spent 10 years as a Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Instructor. He has been qualified and testified as an expert witness in Rhode Island Superior Court and Vermont District Court for cases involving Motor Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians, and Motorcycles. He has assisted multiple jurisdictions with investigations involving fatalities, serious injuries and police collisions. Mr. Mong has conducted extensive hands-on research and training in traffic accident reconstruction, including conducting over 20 low, medium and high speed crash tests. 


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