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RIACDL Announces National Criminal Defense College Application Season

From Olin Thompson, RIACDL President:


"As most of you know, each year RIACDL sends two members to the National
Criminal Defense College (NCDC) in Macon, Georgia with scholarships named
in honor of longtime public defender great William F. Reilly.  These
scholarships are supported in large part by our annual golf tournament, as
well as membership dues and revenue from our CLEs.
NCDC is a two week criminal defense school.  You can find more information
here.  This year's sessions are from June 12-25 and July 17-30.  If you are
selected for a scholarship you can choose which session to attend.
Countless RIACDL members have gone to NCDC over the years and found it to
be an incredible experience.  It's also a lot of fun.

The time has come for applications.  Every dues paying RIACDL member is
eligible, whether a public defender or private counsel.  Criteria for
selection include but are not limited to: professional dedication to
criminal defense, trial experience, whether you have previously applied,
and level of participation in RIACDL.  Scholarships include tuition and
housing, and some years a travel stipend.  NCDC provides lunch, the hotel
provides breakfast, and you are on your own for dinner and on the weekend.

Please also note that those selected for the scholarships are expected to
plan and run the following year's golf tournament.

Anyone interested in applying to EMAIL me a letter stating your interest in
the program, specifically addressing each of the criteria listed above, and
giving your commitment to help run the annual golf tournament in 2017.

Applications are due by Monday April 11. 

NCDC info can be found at:  http://www.ncdc.net/tpi/index.html"


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