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Dear RIACDL members and friends:

As most of you know, this summer we lost longtime RIACDL member Dan Schrock. Dan
was a valued friend of our organization. He was bright and kind, and always diligent and
compassionate in representing his clients. He was a true champion of justice in Rhode Island. We
will miss him.

Dan was always extraordinarily generous, and he continued that in his passing by
bequeathing $2500 to RIACDL. Dan was someone who participated in nearly every CLE we held,
and expressed his intent that his donation be used to support our education programs.
We intend to use Dan's gift to send a member of our association to a one-week criminal
defense school, similar to the NCDC two week criminal defense college, but hopefully more
convenient. We intend for the scholarship to be given to a private attorney who gives his or her
services to the indigent accused. That is the best way we can honor Dan's dedicated public service.
Application information will be made available in the near future.



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