John J. Hardiman Grant

Members -


I am happy to announce that the RIACDL Executive Committee has established

the John J Hardiman Community Grant to honor Rhode Island Public Defender

John J. Hardiman, a tremendous public servant and defense attorney.  John

was a role model and mentor for countless criminal defense attorneys.  He

was a gifted advocate, as passionate in his beliefs as he was compassionate

for his clients.


John believed in and put into action the idea of holistic representation,

addressing not only the immediate criminal accusation facing a client, but

the mental health, economic, substance abuse, and other fundamental issues

that are so often at the root of the criminal accusation.


John was born and raised in Providence and loved his community.  He always

encouraged his staff to be active in the community, and over his time as

Public Defender he made that office part of the community beyond simply

representing the indigent accused.


A John Hardiman Community Grant of up to $3,000 will be awarded annually to

a Rhode Island community-based non-profit organization that will use the

grant to better the lives of needy individuals in the community John loved.


The Hardiman Grant for 2015 has been awarded to the Open Recreation Program

of Child & Family - specifically a year round basketball program for

underprivileged youths in the Eddy Street neighborhood of Providence.

Typically there are 25 to 30 kids in the program, ranging in age from 6 to

25.  The grant will go towards equipment, uniforms, snacks, gym rental,

travel and other costs.


This is a great cause which keeps youth occupied with positive activity,

contributing to overall social health.  I am sure John would be delighted

with the grant and this recipient.  We are proud to give the grant in his



Olin Thompson

President, RIACDL